image Taylor To Follow a Rule : Lessons from Baby Logic : Shaun Gallagher (University of Memphis) Taylor’s Situated Epistemology : Ian Gold (McGill University) Charles Taylor replies session 1 Charles Taylor’s Conception of Language : Hans Julius Schneider (University of Potsdam) Question period session 1 Taylor’s Engaged Pluralism : Richard J. Bernstein (New School for Social Research) Charles Taylor replies session 2 Q&A session 2 Varieties of Religious and Secular Phenomenological Experiences : José Casanova (Georgetown University) A Crisis of Secularism ? : Tariq Modood (University of Bristol) Taylor, Rawls, and Secularism­ : Ronald Beiner (University of Toronto) Charles Taylor replies session 3 What is Wrong with Positive Liberty : The Struggles of Agency in a Non-Ideal World : John Christman (Penn State University) What’s Right With Positive Liberty : Agency, Autonomy, and the Other : Nancy Hirschmann (University of Pennsylvania) Charles Taylor replies session 4 Q&A session 4 Social Imaginaries, Human Action, and History : Craig Calhoun (New York University/London School of Economics) The Telos of Modernity : Jacob Levy (McGill University) Charles Taylor replies session 5 Whatever Happened to the Ontic Logos ? : Michael Rosen (Harvard University) The Fragility of Things : Fullness, Vitality and the Contemporary Condition : William Connolly (Johns Hopkins University) Charles Taylor replies session 6 Q&A session 5&6 Michel Bastarache Julius Grey Guy Laforest Daniel Weinstick Charles Taylor replies session 7 Self-Creation or Self-Discovery ? : K. Anthony Appiah (Princeton University) The Status of Abstract Moral Concepts : Joseph Heath (University of Toronto) Charles Taylor and Ethical Naturalism : Nigel DeSouza (University of Ottawa) Charles Taylor replies session 8 Q&A session 8 Protecting Freedom of Conscience in the Secular Age : Cécile Laborde (University College, London) "Exercises in Retrieval" : Taylor as a Thinker of Historical Transitions : Paolo Costa, (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) Memory, Multiculturalism and Democracy : Michele Moody-Adams (Columbia University) Q&A session 9 Charles Taylor on Deep Diversity : James Tully (University of Victoria) Démocratie, diversité et inclusion : Dominique Leydet (Université du Québec à Montréal) Cultural Differences, Languages, Perspicuous Contrasts, and Recognition : Jeremy Webber (University of Victoria) Charles Taylor replies session 10 Q&A session 10 Q&A session 3 Complete recordings in one file